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Rick HartSo I bet you're wondering who is this Rick Hart guy and why should I listen to anything he says?

Good question!

Well first let me say I don't have all the answers. I haven't built hundreds of SBI! sites or been a website designer for a long time. I started taking online marketing seriously in 2005.

As of fall of 2009, I have built or redesigned over 50 sites for SBIers. I've also done quite a bit of Coaching through SiteSell so I'm learning more all the time.

My passion for building websites only evolved when I "got hip" to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

You see I've been a graphic designer for over 15 years. I've been designing brochures, advertising, postcards, magazines, packaging, and just about anything else for print during that time.

I've used Photoshop since about 1990. Photoshop is my favorite program and getting to do image retouching is still the most fun I can have with a computer. You can see samples of my work at


As a freelance graphic designer I often thought about offering website design as a service. But when I looked at most of the site designs I thought... this sure doesn't look like much fun. I concluded that the site-building tools were way too limiting and web resolution was too low to be able to create anything that looked good to me.

Then I found CSS.

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

My first experience with online marketing was when I was hired as an Affiliate Manager for a golf company. GigaGolf hired me because I knew graphic design and computers and marketing. They figured I could learn the rest.

When I got hired I'd never heard of Affiliate Marketing. I didn't even know what a "cookie" was and I certainly didn't know a lot about website development.

But once I learned more, the marketer in me got very excited. "Hmm... making money selling other people's products. And all you need is a website."

And once I saw how much money some of the GigaGolf affiliates were making by putting up a few links I started to get it. I thought... "This affiliate thing is really cool."

But the problem was, I still didn't know much about how it all worked. I really needed to build an affiliate website so I could learn more.

Then I Found Site Build It!.

And it's an interesting story how I did...

As I was researching my GigaGolf affiliates I noticed that many of the top GigaGolf affiliates had sites that looked very similar. I noticed that they all had a "Powered By Site Build It!" banner at the bottom of their home pages.

After researching Site Build It! a little more I decided that this was the perfect way to learn all about affiliate marketing and the online golf marketplace too.

So I built my first SBI! site...

Now this site was not built in the classic SBI! way. I didn't research my niche very much using Brainstormer because I already knew I wanted my site to be about golf clubs. I was an Affiliate Manager for a golf club manufacturer so that's what I wanted to learn about.

If I had it to do over again I would have done much more research to determine the most profitable part of the golf niche. It turns out that "golf clubs" was too broad and there was too much competition and most of the retail manufacturers didn't pay a whole lot. So it was a bad choice for a niche.

I realized I'd need to build lots and lots of pages and keep up with the latest in golf club technology for the site to be successful.

As it turned out I wasn't going to have the time to do that.

Affiliate Manager For SiteSell

I noticed on the SBI! Forums that SiteSell was looking for a new Affiliate Manager. So I applied and I got hired by Ken Evoy.

Once Ken put me to work there was no more time to work on my golf site so I haven't really touched it in a couple of years.

Back To CSS

As I learned more about online marketing and site-building I began to be aware of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The spark was discovering a site called CSS Zen Garden where the same HTML code was made to look many different ways.

This is when I realized that websites really could look good. My graphic design passion was rekindled and I decided I wanted to do more web design. Combined with the SBI! process I thought "now I can help people build sites that succeed and look good too!"

So the result is I became an SBI! Webmaster, SiteSell Coach, Instructor and Site Build It! Advisor was born.

If I can help you with your site please let me know. Contact me here.

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Site Build It! is a simple process but it's certainly not easy to do. It takes Brains and Motivation to succeed. It also takes time and persistence.

Site Build It! Success

And it's hard to be good at everything required to build a great online business.

That's what Site Build It! Advisor is all about. We want to help you succeed by offering advice and help. If you don't have the time or just don't have a particular skill-set maybe we can be of service.

Here's how we can help you...

» Teach You How To Make Money With Your Site

» Help You Make Your Site Look More Professional

» Help You Learn HTML and CSS

» Build Your SBI! Website For You

» Coach You Through SiteSell Coaching

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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