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Beyond C-T-P-M

The Site Build It! process is based around the concept of C-T-P-M...

Site Build It! Process

Great Content leads to site Traffic. And PREselling that traffic let's you find ways to Monetize and make money.

The Site Build It! process seems so logical and so effective. And as SBI says on its website, "it's based on the way people actually use the Internet and Search Engines. People are searching for information and solutions."

But things have changed!

Since Google's Panda and Penquin algorithm updates, Google has been rewarding sites that have a more specific problem/solution value proposition. They are rewarding well-known brands and sites that offer products and services that directly solve a problem.

How do I know this?

I don't. It's really just an educated hunch. So take what I say with a grain of salt. It's just my opinion. But if you read on I think you'll see why it makes sense.

Problems and Solutions

All businesses are based on the proposition of solving problems.

And so on...

So if you want to have an online business, you should be thinking in terms of your website solving problems. You should offer specific solutions to those problems and your site should be about explaining the problems in your niche and why people should solve it... and then leading people to your solution.

Pretty obvious... right?

But the C-T-P-M process is not really about solving problems. It's about creating general content around a specific niche, hoping the content attracts visitors, and then showing those visitors various products and services, usually in the form of banners, and adsense ads or affiliate marketing product links you hope people need. It's about creating "information" sites that let people connect with your information through the Search Engines.

As SBI says on this page about C-T-P-M...

" ... the fundamental reality of how people use the Web is different. No one "passes by." They search for "information, information, information."

I disagree! The days of people just looking for general information are over. They know enough now to search for specific solutions, or at least answers to specific questions about their problem.

This is what has changed about the Internet in the last few years and changed the playing field.

It's also why Google has changed it's ranking methods and started rewarding sites that offer what people are really looking for now. That's why brands and high-authority sites that address specific problems are winning the Search Engine wars today.

Often SBI sites are based around hobbies and general interest categories, where there is no real "problem," just the idea that you and your visitor have some subject in common. You provide general information about the subject (KFCP), hoping to attract visitors, and then you hope those visitors have a non-specific problem that one of your monetization options will solve. It's a "shot-gun" approach where you hope you can connect your traffic to a product or service. That's the Info-Publishing model they talk about here.

It's a classic "bait-and-switch" marketing scenario where you use your content as bait and then hope your bait has found visitors with a problem that you might have a solutions for on your site. This is also why people often leave a site quickly. They have very little commitment to their search because they have no motivation to stay (problem).

This is the classic "Infoprenuer" concept that SBI has championed for years. And it's way too haphazard for today's Internet saavy people.

In other words, with the C-T-P-M concept, Monetizing is something you do TO your visitors after they get to your site. Again, much too vague and untargeted to build an online business around.

OK I Lied

When I said above...

"The days of people just looking for general information is over. They know enough now, to search for specific solutions, or at least answers to specific questions about their problem."

Of course, people still search for general information. The problem is these people have very little "buying intention." They are very early in the sales cycle and tend to go from site-to-site collecting that information. They are not really commited to finding a solution.

How do I know?

Because my bounce rate on my C-T-P-M sites is very high. People leave very quickly (70% within 10 seconds), and don't stick around long.

After spending hundreds of hours building these types of sites, that sure was frustrating for me. So I had to figure out why.

That's when I came on the concept of M-P-C-T.


What if we started our Market Research by identifying our Monetization first. In other words, find a problem and then the best solutions for that problem... and then build our site around that problem/solution profile.

We can still choose a niche we are passionate about. Maybe even one where we had a problem and found a solution for it.

Our site would be built around explaining and discussing the problem and then PreSelling the best solutions for that problem. Actually we want to go beyond preselling, and actually sell our solution.

On our site we would have the required content to move people through the sales cycle for that solution, and then "ask for the order" to get them to specifically buy that solution.

Now the solution can be from an Affiliate Partner, or something we buy and resell (drop-shipping), or perhaps it's even a product we create ourselves. Adsense would not be a good way to go on a site like this. It would just add "leaks" away from our Sales Funnel.

We might offer multiple solutions where we find good ones. We can give people choices, do reviews of the products, and PREsell those products in much the same way as we did with C-T-P-M. The difference would be we would have a very specific Most Wanted Response, and would focus on getting people to take action to solve a specific problem with specific solutions.

Here's a visual for you...

the M-P-C-T process

So let's go through each stage in a little more detail.


You want to start with Market Research. Instead of just looking for keywords in the beginning, what we are really looking for is a Market. In other words, we want to find a niche where people are activley buying products and services and trying to solve a problem. You can still start with a hobby or a passion, but you want to look at this niche, not from the view of viability of keywords, but from the viability of making money.

So the Brainstorming is really around specific problems because we want to find the keywords people use to solve problems. We want to identify the keywords that have "buying intention" and indicate that people are already on the Sales Cycle and hopefully already well down that cycle and close to buying. For more information about what I mean by Sales Cycle, you can visit this page.


This is where we want to thoroughly understand the product and the Sales Cycle for that product. We want to know why people buy the product. And we want to know what questions they will need answered before they are ready to buy the product.

If we do a good job analyzing the sales cycle we will identify many keywords that people might use, to either learn more about their problem, or identify the best solutions to the problem. In other words we are thorougly analyzing the market so we will be able to have the content required to get people to take action on our website.


What we learn in the PREselling phase will give us the content we need to put on our website. We will still create Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCP) but we will also have lots of content that has no other purpose than to move people through our Sales Cycle.

But yes, those KFCP should also serve a very specific purpose in the Sales Cycle. They should answer the questions that will motivate someone to buy our solution.

But most importantly, we want to make sure that we have a Call To Action on every page, so that we either move people to our Solution Pages or at least get them to sign up to our list, so that we can leverage their visit, and build a relationship with them. Again see this page to learn more about the Sales Funnel required to do this.


Now that we know all about the problems in our niche, and we understand the keywords that someone would use to solve that problem, it's time to go out and meet our prospects. I call this "meeting people where they are now."

Here's what I mean...

If people have a problem that they actively want to solve, first they will go to certain places to try and solve that problem...

Our job is to do our best to go meet them "where they are now" trying to solve their problem.

Search Engines

Of course, search engines are still the best place to do this. Using a search engine shows they are pretty serious about solving their problem... especially if you target the right keywords. You certainly want to optimize your site and your pages to try and rank for these "buying" phrases that indicate someone is ready to buy.

Of course some of these phrases will be very competitive. But they are worth fighting for because they convert to customers far better than generic keywords with little buying intention.

Thankfully because we thoroughly analyzed the problem/solution profile for our niche, we know the range of questions they may be asking and we have found the answers to those questions. We understand "the conversation going on inside their heads." And we are prepared to enter the conversation as a "solution provider."

Social Media

Yes Social Media has to be considered as a place to meet people where they are now. The only problem with social media is, most of the time people are not there to actively solve a problem. However, if you can find a group that is specific to the subject of your niche, you may be able to find fertile ground for finding real prospects for you niche.

The best thing to do on Social Media sites like Facebook is to find the special interest groups about your niche and join in to the conversation. You're bound to find people who have a problem or two you can solve.


One of the best places to find targeted traffic is in Forums directly related to the niche. This is where people who are often passionate about your niche talk about it, share their problems, and would appreciate a knowledgeable expert is there to help. Rememer no selling here. Just offer helpful information and a link to your site in your signature and they will do the rest.

I think you'll find that Forum traffic will stay longer on your site and visit more pages, than just about any other traffic.

Directory Websites

For certain niches you might find some good traffic on sites that cater to a particular subject and offer listings of "solution providers." Some professional organizations for niches like law, medicine, real estate, music, and online marketing, can have many great conversations that you can join.

Pay Per Click

Search Engine traffic is still the best traffic you can get because people who use it are actively trying to solve their problem. Buying SE traffic is often a great way to find very targeted traffic and people with the problem you can solve. Especially if you have a strong understanding of how keywords work and can manage your ROI.

It's an advanced tactic so tread slowly at first. Also be sure you have enough margin in your solution to justify spending money to get that targeted traffic. And then track your results with Google Analytics

And don't just think Search Engines for PPC. Facebook, LinkedIn, and most other social media sites offer some form of Pay Per Click as well. And usually it will cost far less than Google clicks.

The New Action Guide

Or should I call it the... Call To Action Guide?

As you can see, this new approach is very focused on making money, or more accurately, SOLVING PROBLEMS. We don't want to waste visitors time, or our own, jibber-jabbering about things that aren't specific to the problem and the solution.


Because people will get distracted and end up avoiding taking action. Our site must be focused on...

Helping people understand their problem and then getting them to take action to solve that problem.

Otherwise you don't have a business, you have a charity.

And people will leave quickly and never come back.

So Now What?

OK what do you do now that your realize your C-T-P-M site may be on a dead-end street?

It's never too late to change the focus of your site. Sure it would be nice to start from scratch and build your business with M-P-C-T in mind from the beginning. But you can always re-focus your site and get it back on track.

Here's how to get started...

  1. Do Market Research and identify specific products or services you know would be right of your niche. If you need help with understanding what this means visit this page.
  2. Add the Sales Cycle content to your site and make sure you can answer all the questions required to get your prospects to take action?
  3. Setup "Calls To Action" to get people to move to your solutions. These CTA should be on every page and either take someone to your Sales Page or to your Email Signup page. You want to make sure you leverage EVERY visitor on your site and get them into your Sales Funnel.
  4. Make sure you have tracking in place so you can see that people are actually moving through your Sales Cycle and that your Calls To Action are working. You do have Google Analytics on your site don't you?

Contact me if I can help you turn your site into a money-making M-P-C-T machine.

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Site Build It! is a simple process but it's certainly not easy to do. It takes Brains and Motivation to succeed. It also takes time and persistence.

Site Build It! Success

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