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WordPress is a great way to build a website. It's Open Source which means lots of developers keep it "state-of-the-art" for free. It's easy to use and offers great design templates (themes) and lots of handy plugins that extend it's functionality. It's how I build all my websites now.

If you're not quite sure just what Wordpress is, you can visit this page.

The only problem with Wordpress is you've got to figure out how to turn that website into a profitable online business all by yourself. It's just a tool without instruction for how best to use that tool.

With bizXpress now you can get all of the same hand-holding and guidance that you get with Site Build It, for your WordPress business. SiteSell has really helped solve a problem with this one.

And the good news, is you can get the Lite version for FREE!

Who Is bizXpress For?

If you are a Site Build It owner, you may not need bizXpress. You already have all of the tools it offers as part of your Site Build It subscription.

But if you are thinking that you are ready to build another site and you'd like some better site design templates, and want to take advantage of WordPress' powerful plugins, then bizXpress might be for you. Believe me, WordPress is much better than Blockbuilder as a site building tool. The process is much and easier and faster, and because it is such a popular way to go, there's lots of help and tools online as far as the building process goes.

Now it does mean you will be starting over with a brand new site. You'll have to get your own hosting and you'll need to register a new domain name outside of SBI, but that process is easy and inexpensive so don't let that scare you. In fact, it may open up a whole new world that you may like better.


What bizXpress Includes

You can learn more about bizXpress here on the SiteSell page about it, but if you'd like to here my honest take, here it is.

You may have heard the quote...

Wisdom is knowing what to do.

Skill is knowing how to do it.

Virtue is actually doing it.

The problem with WordPress is there is no instruction on what to do or how to do it. SiteSell's bizXpress gives you that in spades.

Of course the virtue is still up to you.

Here's what bizXpress includes...

1. The Action Guide

The SBI Action Guide is really the heart of what makes Site Build It special. The step-by-step guidance in the Action Guide is critical for knowing exactly what has to be done to succeed. Yes... the what to do from above!

And as you may already know if you are a Site Build It customer, it takes more than "build it and they will come" to have a successful website. You have to do the research and find good keywords and, more importantly, a good market with a problem, before you can expect to make money.

You also must know how to build your pages correctly, with good on-page optimization, before the search engines will rank you highly. Most WordPress beginners never get this critical information.

And still the site-building process for the Action Guide is C-T-P-M... creating great Content leads to Traffic. And Preselling that traffic let's you Monetize and have an online business that actually makes money. That's what the Action Guide teaches you every step of the way.

The Action Guide will get your business launched in the right direction. It it comes in both text and video format for what ever learning style you prefer.

2. Brainstorm It

If you don't thoroughly understand the market niche you want to go into then you probably will fail. You need to know as much as possible about the keyword phrases people are using to solve their problem and you also need to thorougly understand the competition too. Brainstorm It is the biXpress module that will help you understand your market.

Again, this is not something that you get with WordPress, you have to figure it out yourself. So bizXpress includes Brainstorm It as part of the plugin. You'll use it to build your site on a solid foundation.

Here's a video that shows how Brainstorm It works with bixXpress.

3. Business Research and Tip

Also included with bizXpress is access to SiteSell's complete library of business building tools and tips. This includes...

4. Guidance & Support

If you need help along the way the bizXpress Guidance & Support page has what you need. You'll find online FAQ's, the Forums, Consulting, Coaching and of course Support!

You can contact the SiteSell support team 24/7 and get assistance.

So if you are ready to build another site and would prefer to use the state-of-the art WordPress platform, bizXpress might be the tool for you. If you've got a WordPress site and you'd like to try it for free you can earn more about it here.


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Site Build It! is a simple process but it's certainly not easy to do. It takes Brains and Motivation to succeed. It also takes time and persistence.

Site Build It! Success

And it's hard to be good at everything required to build a great online business.

That's what Site Build It! Advisor is all about. We want to help you succeed by offering advice and help. If you don't have the time or just don't have a particular skill-set maybe we can be of service.

Here's how we can help you...

» Teach You How To Make Money With Your Site

» Help You Make Your Site Look More Professional

» Help You Learn HTML and CSS

» Build Your SBI! Website For You

» Coach You Through SiteSell Coaching

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