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Most Wanted Responses

The concept of Most Wanted Response is a great way to help you identify what you would like to happen on your website. Knowing what you want your visitors to do is an important first step in understanding online marketing and your niche's Sales Cycle. More about that Sales Cycle here.

But like many SBI concepts, MWR's often get wrapped in training wheels, and never get deeper than a superficial understanding of the concept.

Usually, when we think of MWR we think of what we want the visitor to buy on our website. In reality, your website has many Most Wanted Responses. Buying something, may be the Most, Most Wanted Response, but before someone buys our product or service, they must go through a series of other Most Wanted Responses. Leading your visitors through these MWRs is the key to turning your visitors into customers.

Let's look at these MWRs that help lead people to our ultimate goal... making money.

1. We Want Them To Stay

All it takes is our first look at our Google Analytics data to see that most of our site visitors will leave within the first 10 seconds of a visit. On average, we see that between 50% and 70% of our visitors leave this quickly. This can be very disconcerting after all the work we did to get them there in the first place.

So our very first goal must be to get someone to stay on our site as long as possible. That's why Google Analytics metrics like Bounce Rate, Time on Page, and Visit Duration are so critical to track.

So How Do We Get Them To Stay?

First we have to identify why someone might leave our site so quickly. Here's some possible reasons.

1. They think our site looks unprofessional

2. They don't see (or can't find) What's In It For Them - (WIFT).

3. They came to the wrong place

4. They don't feel engaged by our content

So the key in this first MWR it to make sure that our site looks professional and that it's easy for people to find what they are looking for. Good navigation is one of the keys to that.

How do you know what they are looking for?

If you don't know that answer, then you failed to do adequate Market Research during the Brainstorming phase of the process.

But certainly, after your site has been up for awhile and you have visitors, you can look at your Google Analytics data and see where they spend their time and what they respond to on your site.

2. We Want Them To Read Our Stuff

If our site visitors don't absorb our content, read our pages or watch our videos, we can't create credibility and trust... we can't PREsell. We won't get them to do any of our other Most Wanted Responses until we win them over with our content and they begin to like what we have to offer.

This is where classic PREselling comes in and we must provide great, helpful information that addresses their problem.

Understanding their problems is part of the key to getting them to read our content. If they sense you understand them, they are much more likely to want to read more.

That's why it's so critical to begin each page with a restatement of the problem that the page addresses. If they get a sense that you are going to share something that will help them, they just may stick around.

Don't Forget About Formatting

Another important part of getting them to read our stuff is formatting the content in a way that makes it easy to read. You must have short sentences, short paragraphs, and lots of bulleted content and sub-headlines to get them to read our pages. If you make a page hard to read people will leave quickly.

In fact, many visitors will skim content before they decide to read further. So making it easy for visitors to skim and see the WIFT, is really the reason for the above formatting.

3. We Want Them To Join Our Sales Funnel

In sales there is something called "qualifying". That's where a salesperson asks questions to determine if someone really is a good prospect for our product or service.

We want to do the same thing on our website.

The sooner we can turn a site visitor from a "suspect" into a "prospect" the sooner we can begin to move the conversation to a higher level and begin talking about our solutions... and then asking for the order.

So how do we "qualify" a site visitor?

Before someone is ready to buy anything, they have certain questions they want answered. The questions that someone needs answered is called the Sales Cycle, and moving visitors through this Cycle is one of the goals of our site.

We begin by creating pages that answer these questions. We then send our visitors to these pages by asking questions and offering links that indicate we have an answer to these "buying questions." If someone clicks on these links, they are qualifying themselves as wanting to answer that question and therefore being at that stage in the Sales Cycle.

Now we can change the conversation and talk more specifically about solutions, because we now know they are good prospects and are interested in solving their problem. In toher words, we can begin to move from preselling to selling.

Talking about solutions before we know they are good prospects is a mistake and a sure way to get someone to leave our site quickly. It would come off as too pushy.

So to qualify them we ask them questions like...

Providing a hyperlink to the page that answers the question will give you some tracking information. You then offer specific actions they can take such as...

And of course on that page you can offer links to pages that are even further down the Sales Cycle, and moving them closer to your Most, Most Wanted Response.

4. We Want Them To Buy Something

Ultimately we want them to buy something. That solution can be either through an affiliate partner, or a referral, or perhaps our own product. Again, we should have learned about the most popular solutions in our niche during the Brainstorming phase.

We also need to be able to speak highly about the solution. Our recommendation is what will actually convince someone to buy or not.

We must pick products and services that we actually believe in and can support. If we are just push a solution on our visitors without believing in it, our visitors will be able to tell. They can smell "commission breath" a mile away, and sense that you are just trying to sell them something, even on a website.

If you can't convincingly and honestly support a product, then don't even try. It will destroy your own credibility and trust. And people won't be back or recommend you to others.

Our Selling Page

Having pages on our site where we do the selling is an important way to qualify and track your visitors. Ideally, it should be one page per product. On that page you should review the entire Sales Cycle and make sure all of their questions are answered again. And of course, don't forget to "ask for the order" along the way.

And because this is such a critical page, you want to A/B test different variations until you know what converts best. Remember... Conversion is King.

So that's a deeper look at Most Wanted Responses. Time to take those training wheels off and take your site marketing to the next level.

If you are ready to learn more about how to improve your site's Most Wanted Responses, contact me here.

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