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What Does Penguin Mean To Site Build It, Niche Profit Classroom and The Challenge

Which Site-Building Method is Better Prepared to Move Forward After Google's Penquin?

I have used and still use elements of three different website building systems to build my websites.

Each system has different approaches but generally all are excellent systems to follow if you want to build an online business. For a background on how the systems differ visit my page about Beyond Site Build It.

Recently one of my consulting clients who is considering changing systems asked my a question.

Hi Rick

How are you?

I've been going through the NPC tutorials. I'm wondering if these small websites (1-10 page product based with Adsense/Affiliate monetization) can withstand the current climate post-Panda and Penguin.

Again, I realize that a lot of SBI sites were hit, even with all those 200+ page sites. But I'm really curious if these tutorials have considered the changing circumstances on the web.

What are your thoughts/observations with smaller sites? I know you have mentioned it on your own site. My thoughts are:

10 - 25 page site focused tightly on a niche (product or service) [monetized]

Daily/weekly blog posts each discussing and pointing to one of those pages [not monetized as the aim is to direct visitors to the monetized page]

My main concern is going ahead with Adam's strategy and wasting time with it. I looked at his sample sites and they're not ranking anywhere in the top 10 now, which leads me to think that Penguin/Panda has affected his approach.

I don't mind investing more into Ed Dale's teachings - it seems he is keeping things more updated and focused on long-term business.


Adil Vellani


Here was my response...

Ya this penguin thing has everyone scratching their heads. And I'm not sure I can shed a very bright light on it. I don't think anyone can.

And I don't know to what degree you are following Adam Short of Niche Profit Classroom, Ken Evoy of Site Build It, and Ed Dale of The Challenge, as they discuss the whole thing, but I have and they all seem to pretty much agree. It comes down to focusing on creating good original, helpful content for your site, AND on every site where you try to get a backlink. What Google does after that is really out of everyone's control.

Perhaps the main thing that has changed with Penquin, is you must raise the bar on your backlinks. Google will not reward backlinks that are low quality or are not very relevant to the niche. This is I think what they mean by "over optimization." Links that are based on low-quality or irrelevant content just won't help rankings any more. That's the jist of it.

But I think, as much as anyone can guess, Google wants/demands quality… and in the long run (and sooner or later) Google will reward you if that's what you provide.

Personally I have not seen any change in rankings for my 20+ sites due to Penguin. But I don't have the the depth of sites/traffic that Ed, Adam, and Ken have to look at.

But to your original question about NPC...

I don't see any reason that Google will not like a 5-10 page site as long as it follows what I say above. Whether or not a site succeeds has more to do with finding the right niche, sweet-spot-keywords, and finding "buying intention" in that niche. This is nothing new. I think all sites that succeed have done this. Whether they do this as part of well-thought out process or just got lucky… is hard to say. I think it's a little of both.

That's one reason I like Adam's approach (and Ed's for that matter). If you build lots of sites on a good foundation, and have the tracking in place to judge how well they are doing, some are bound to succeed. Sort of "let's throw a lot up on the wall and see what sticks" approach.

Once you find the winners, then you can spend time building them out (if you want to) or can just continue building more sites until you have enough successful ones to make a living. Again, Adam's idea of a successful site is one that makes a few hundred dollars per month. That's not a very high bar, but in terms of time spent/revenue generated I think it has value.

Ken's approach of "pick one site/niche and keep building it out" I still believe has a problem, because it's very possible to spend hundreds of hours betting on a horse that will never really pay off… or the analogy I use… climbing a 20,000 foot mountain only to find there is no pot-of-gold at the top. The "build lots of sites and see what works first" approach seems to make more sense to me… if only because Google is so unpredictable that having more fishing lines in the water is bound to help you find the best fishing holes... or at least where the fish are biting.

And is Adam's approach a waste of time?

I don't think anytime that you are refining your skills, and hopefully learning from your mistakes, is anything but time well spent. It may seem painful at the time, but in the long run you'll appreciate the skills that you learn. I think clearly this online marketing thing is about "survival of the fittest" and the stronger your skills are the better your chance of success.

And the better you can learn how to track-test-and-tweak your sites, the sooner you will know what works and what doesn't… and be able to "fish or cut-bait." You'll eventually have a stable of successful sites. As your skills get better, your site-building success ratio will go up and you'll eventually have an online business.

I think Adam's and Ed's approach are really very similar. They both use the "throw it up on the wall and see what sticks" approach. I do think Adam's is better for a beginner because he keeps it simple, and if you use a Niche Pack, you can make it all the way through the entire process in a couple of weeks. You may not see real traffic for a couple of months, but you'll know what skill set you need and action plan to follow. I think it will make someone a solid intermediate online marketer quicker than any other approach.

Adam's approach will also test to see if you have the persistence, perseverance and patience to make it through the process. Much of what needs to be done to succeed in online marketing is tedious and down-right boring. So if you complete one of Adam's Niche Packs completely you'll know if this business right for you or not.

Ed's system is a bit more advanced, and probably more sophisticated, but you must understand the fundamental's first. Adam provides those very well. And when you're ready for more, and have some money to spend, then maybe join the Immediate Edge for some advanced training.

And whatever system you use or approach you take, you can't let every change Google makes get to you. Google makes changes all the time and they make mistakes too. That's why having lots of sites, and understanding ALL online marketing tactics (including email marketing) will help you survive anything that Google throws at you. Don't put your eggs in any one basket… and that includes SBI, Niche Profit Classroom, or the Challenge. All have value and none of them has all the answers.

It's your business not theirs. It's your job to figure out what works… and what works for you.

Hope that helps Adil

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