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Unless you're a non-profit or are just building a site for fun, making money with your website is an important goal. After all, it's the final part of the C-T-P-M process (Content-Traffic-PREselling-Monetization).

But many SBIers stumble when they come to this part of the process.

Some folks aren't comfortable being a salesperson or asking people to buy something.

Maybe they just don't know how to go about it because they don't understand marketing.

Site Build It! Sites Are Made To Make Money

If you follow the the C-T-P part of the SBI! process precisely your site is ready to make money. You've attracted traffic with your great, helpful content that the Search Engines love. And you've PREsold your visitors and created credibility for yourself by being helpful.

Now all you have to do is turn that traffic into profit.

What Do My Visitors Want To Buy?

As part of the Brainstorming process you explored ways to make money with your niche. You did didn't you? If you didn't you made the mistake a lot of SBIers make.

You should have used Search It! to see what other sites in your niche were selling and looked at the PPC (payed) ads being displayed on Google. This would give you a sense of what others were already selling in your niche.

If you used Brainstormer from a marketing point of view you were also looking to see what "solutions" people were searching for in your niche. This is a critical key for making money with your site.

The Problem With C-T-P-M

The only problem with the C-T-P-M model is you will only be able to monetize based on the problems your traffic has. If you focus too much on just getting ANY kind of traffic to your site you may find that your particular traffic doesn't have any problems that you can make money with. I see many SBIers who get to the M and wonder why they can't seem to make money with their site even though they are getting good traffic. I think they chose keywords without considering monetization for those keywords.

Let me explain more...

Search For Keywords With Buying Intention

Every keyword has an implied intention. That intention may be just to find information, or get a question answered... or to actually buy something.

So here's the important part about using Brainstormer for monetization...

Just as evaluating your Master Keyword List (MKL) helped you learn what to write about you should also evaluate your MKL to see what you should be selling on your site.

Those keywords in your MKL will tell you about your niche visitor's "buying intentions." Once you know their intentions you can begin to understand their problems and what they want to buy.

For example...

Suppose you found some great keywords with lots of demand and not much competition. Let's say something like "dog names". You might even decide that you'll build your whole site around this keyword.

But if you put "dog names" into Google what do you see?

You'll see very few AdWords ads (over to the right). That means that keyword is not good for making money directly.

Now you may say to yourself... "But someone looking for dog names wants to have a dog... doesn't the mean they'll need "dog products" eventually?"

Yes of course. But that won't be why they come to your site TODAY. Their immediate need will be for information related to dog names. By the time they need products they may just go back to Google and type in "dog products" and your site may not come up. In fact they may never go back to your site.

Of course when they do come for "dog names" you need to fully engage them, create credibility for yourself, and get their email address. That way you can develop a relationship and tell them about your "dog product" solutions later on. And if you do a good job with your content maybe they will come back anyways.

But if you want to make money sooner or later you will have to convince your visitors to buy something. So how do you move your visitors to buy something?

Position Yourself As A Solution-Provider

The key to selling things on your site is to position yourself as someone who wants to help your visitors solve their problems. This is something we all can and want to do.

Thinking of yourself as a solution-provider is much easier than thinking of ourselves as a salesperson.

Once you've discovered what your visitor's problems are by evaluating your MKL, now you just have to introduce them to the solutions you've found for them. And if you can provide reviews of these solutions all the better.

So where do you find these solutions.

First you must make sure you understand your visitor's problems. If your site is about something like golf it's easy to figure out what problems they may have.

If your site is about "tortoise propagation" it may be a bit harder to learn what problems your visitor's have. That's why it's so important to think "monetization" during the Brainstorming and niche selection process.

The moral of the story...

If you want to make money be sure to pick a niche with plenty of problems and plenty of good solutions.

Picking Monetization Partners

You've worked hard to PREsell your visitors and create credibility for yourself and your site. The last thing you want to do is lose their trust by recommending solutions that are not good. Your visitors sure won't be coming back if you do.

If you're in a fertile niche there's probably plenty of other sites that are already selling solutions to your niche. Go take a look and see what these mature and successful sites are doing. See what merchant partners they choose and go check their solutions out.

Also look at the paid ads for those solutions. If you see lots of folks buying ads promoting certain products you can bet those merchants are paying well. Otherwise those Pay Per Click ads would not be profitable.

Where To Find Merchant Partners

What we're talking about here is an Affiliate Partnership. In Affiliate Marketing a merchant lets you promote their products on your site and they pay you a commission when your referral buys their product. So you get paid for selling other people's products without having to stock or sell these products directly yourself.

Affiliate Marketing Is One Of The Best Ways To Monetize

As a former Affiliate Manager for SiteSell and a golf company I can say I've seen many affiates who were making thousands per month just from the programs I was managing. If you'd like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing take a look at my Affiliate Marketing site Bitcom Affiliate Marketing.

So how do you find a good Affiliate Partner?

There are many Affiliate Networks which act as brokers between Merchants and Affiliates. These Affiliate Networks aggregate hundreds of Merchants into one place and an affiliate can go there and sign up for affiliate programs in their niche. Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, and ClickBank are just a few of the hundreds of Affiliate Networks that you can choose from.

Now if you've found a merchant or product that you want to promote on your site, another way to find that merchant's affiliate program is to just use Google. Search for "merchant affiliate program" or "product affiliate program" and if they have an affiliate program it will probably come up.

Also some merchants have their own in-house affiliate program so you won't be able to find them on an Affiliate Network. SiteSell is an example of a company that has it's own in-house affiliate program. In fact, I used to be the Affiliate Manager for their program.

Be sure to make sure that whatever merchant or product you decide to promote is truly a good fit for your audience. You've worked hard to build up your "brand of one" with good content and excellent PREselling. A bad merchant or product recommendation by you can quickly flush all that trust down the toilet. Be sure you trust and believe in a merchant before you jeopardize yours promoting them.

Selling Your Own Products

Of course the most profitable way to Monetize is by selling your own product.

If you can provide your own solution for your niche then of course you stand to make a lot of money. That way you can keep most of the money and won't have to pay an intermediaries along the way. Of course you'll be dealing with customers yourself and have to handle the customer service, returns, and shipping, but it may well be worth it if making good money is your goal.

Digital Products

If your own product can be digital product (e-book, mp3 music, video) you won't have to pay for shipping and you'll be able to setup an automated process that will require very little intervention by you. You can sell in your sleep.

Drop Shipping

A good way to monetize that won't require inventory or manufacturing is using a drop shipper. With drop shippers you do the marketing and selling and the drop shipper does the shipping. You can find some great drop shipping solutions at Worldwide Brands.


AdSense comes from Google. It let's you place their ads on your site. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads you get paid a little. Sometimes it could be a couple of pennies sometimes just a fraction of a cent. It can add up and some folks with sites that have good traffic make thousands of dollars per month with AdSense.

AdSense is a no-brainer for most SBI! sites. An SBI! site attract good traffic based on the keywords on a page and Google places "contextual" ads based on the keywords on that page. It's a good partnership.

On the other hand...

If you've got better ways to monetize your site that pay a lot more why would you want to give away your traffic for a fraction of a penny? Better to funnel your traffic to the higher-paying pages and partners. Just use AdSense on the pages that are hard to monetize.

My point is if you've done the right research and found a fertile niche and built a site that really PREsells your visitors and creates credibility for you, you should be able to make good money. It's about positioning yourself as a "solution provider" and then offering lots of great solutions to your visitors... that make you money.

If you'd like some suggestions on how to better monetize your site just contact me.

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