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The SBI Process

Site Build It! is based around the concept of C-T-P-M...

Site Build It! Process

Great Content leads to site Traffic. And PREselling that traffic let's you find ways to Monetize and make money.

The Site Build It! process so logical and so effective. And it's based on the way people actually use the Internet and Search Engines. They are searching for information and solutions.


You start by researching what keywords are in demand for a given niche. You'll use an amazing tool called Brainstormer to do that. Once you know what people are searching for you can build content based on their needs.

And meeting those needs by writing great articles about what you already know and love is the key. If you can find a niche based around your life experience or hobby you can become an helpful advisor to your visitors. This will bring them back for more. Your knowledge and passion will show through.

But what if you don't have a hobby or passion?

SBI! will help you find one. Everyone knows something about something. You probably know much more than they realize.

And if you already have a business or a good idea of what you want your site to be about, all the better. Brainstormer will help you find the "sweet spot" in that niche. You'll find the contetn that won't have as much competition and you can become the "king of the hill" for that part of your niche.

And best of all...

SBI! will help you identify other ways to make money from your business or hobby that you may not have even thought about.


Where does Internet "traffic" come from? Why the Search Engines of course.

SBI! automatically submits your site to the SEs so they will know all about your great content and through your "keywords." When someone puts your keywords into the search box your site will come up.

Pretty soon they'll be sending you targeted visitors because they realize your site has just what their customers are looking for... great information! They win and you win.

Over time as you build more and more pages with more and more great content, Google will begin to send you more and more traffic.


Before people buy something online they want to be able to trust the site they will buy from. That's where your PREselling comes in.

PREselling is nothing more than creating credibility for yourself and for your monetization partners.

Your great, helpful content builds trust for you. And once you turn your visitors into friends they will be much more likely to believe your recommendations and reviews. The more you position yourself as a helpful "solution provider" the closer relationship you will begin to build with your visitors. And the more of a "warmed up and ready to buy mood" they will be in.

In other words you'll use your credibility to create credibility for your monetization partners.


Unless your site is "not-for-profit", you probably want to make money with your site. And if you've followed the SBI! process then your site is ready to do just that. And if your content connects with your vistors you've created credibility for yourself.

That credibility can be like money in the bank!

Without credibility your visitors are not not likely to trust your "solutions." And positioning yourself as a trustworthy "solution provider" is the key to maximum monetization.

Site Build It! provides lots of advice on how to monetize your traffic. Built into Brainstormer is Monetize It! which will give you lots of ideas for how to turn your content into money in your pocket.

As part of that monetization you'll want to learn a bit about marketing. You are now a marketer and the better you understand your "craft" the more successful you'll be. And great marketing does more than sell products or services. It creates relationships. And relationships will be the key to the long term success of your online business.

The Action Guide

The C-T-P-M process is spelled out in detail in the SBI! Action Guide. It brakes down a complex and detailed process into doable steps. Follow it precisely and your site will very likely succeed. Take too many short cuts and you may not.

Thousands of successful SBI! sites have proven that this process works. As Affiliate Manager for SiteSell I've seen hundreds of online novices create successful sites and actually change their lives. I know that is does work.

Contact me if I can help you get the most out of Site Build It!.

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Site Build It! is a simple process but it's certainly not easy to do. It takes Brains and Motivation to succeed. It also takes time and persistence.

Site Build It! Success

And it's hard to be good at everything required to build a great online business.

That's what Site Build It! Advisor is all about. We want to help you succeed by offering advice and help. If you don't have the time or just don't have a particular skill-set maybe we can be of service.

Here's how we can help you...

» Teach You How To Make Money With Your Site

» Help You Make Your Site Look More Professional

» Help You Learn HTML and CSS

» Build Your SBI! Website For You

» Coach You Through SiteSell Coaching

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