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I strongly believe that SBI! offers a system that makes it easy to build an online business that succeeds. They give you all the tools you need and a proven step-by-step process that you can follow.

But I also know that as easy as SiteSell makes it, it's far from simple.

I've watched people who are good marketers or great writers not make it past the learning curve or the humps that come along. They end up giving up when I know with just a little help they could succeed.

That's why I'd like to offer my Site Build It! site-building services to folks who don't have time or just need some help.

I think part of the reason many give up on SBI! is they hear how easy it's suppose to be and when they find they can't make their site successful in 6 months or a year, they must be failures. After all, it's suppose to be a "10-Day Action Guide."

The fact is getting a successful site up is not so easy if you struggle with computer skills or just aren't thinking like a marketer.

Or maybe you just can't write 1000 words for a keyword you find in Brainstormer. Writing all those pages may not come easy to you.

Building An SBI! Site Doesn't Have To Be "Do-It-Yourself."

You can outsource some of the tasks (or all of them) and get your site up more quickly. Of course you should be intimately involved in the process because it is YOUR BUSINESS and should reflect your "brand".

Most businesses use outside vendors to help them succeed. Many hire accountants and consultants to help with tasks the owners aren't good at or don't have time for. Why should your business be any different.

And if you're like most people you have a day job and a life that takes up a lot of your time. Investing 10-20 hours per week is just not realistic. Sometimes getting just 3-5 hours can be hard. A "hired hand" can help you keep your site moving and often help you succeed sooner and start making money with your site.

Building An Online Business Takes Time

I prefer to think that building a complete SBI! business site will take 1 to 2 years. You can do it faster with some help, or if you already have a lot of the skills you need. But if you plan to start from ground zero with no marketing or website building skills and want to take advantage of every SBI! tool, plan on it taking a year or two.

But you don't have to do it yourself. There's help out there if you need it.

If that's what you decide, I'd love to help. Contact me if you'd like to discuss the details.

Here's some examples of SBI! sites that I've built for myself and for other folks. Click on the image to visit the site.

This was a total site redesign for a commercial cleaning company in Dallas Texas. Notice the javascript slide show on the home page. This does not require Flash so it works on iPads, and iPhones.

Dallas Building Maintenance

This is a custom template done for someone who was moving away from Blockbuilder.

Enjoy Swimming

A site redesign for someone who previously was using the Block-by-Block builder.This site is a simple sales site so the owner can sell his water filtration systems.

Purewater Technologies

Flower Gardening Made Easy

This was a site redesign for a very successful SBIer.

Curly Hair Salons

Another site redesign where the owner wanted to redo their site in not only a wider 3-column format but wanted to redo all the keywords for better Search Engine Optimization.

Online Gift Baskets site

A site redesign for a successful SBIer.

Golf Club Revue

My first SBI! site was a design that was similar to the standard SBI! look (including use of the SBI! Nav bar) but also added some of my own touches.

Golf Club Revue

BitCom Affiliate Marketing

This site is my site about Affiliate Marketing. It's not an SBI! site but it easily could have been.

Bitcom Affiliate Marketing

Hofer Studios

Ed Hofer is an amazing artist who plans to sell his original artwork online.

Hofer Studios

Dr. Lynn Friedman is a Washington DC Psychologist who wanted a site redesign. She needed the site to be professional looking yet inviting to the eyes,

Science of Cleansing site
» Here's some other designs I've done for the SiteSell iDesign Contest

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Site Build It! is a simple process but it's certainly not easy to do. It takes Brains and Motivation to succeed. It also takes time and persistence.

Site Build It! Success

And it's hard to be good at everything required to build a great online business.

That's what Site Build It! Advisor is all about. We want to help you succeed by offering advice and help. If you don't have the time or just don't have a particular skill-set maybe we can be of service.

Here's how we can help you...

» Teach You How To Make Money With Your Site

» Help You Make Your Site Look More Professional

» Help You Learn HTML and CSS

» Build Your SBI! Website For You

» Coach You Through SiteSell Coaching

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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