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How To Get A Traffic Jump Start

There's no question that in the long run building free traffic using the C-T-P-M process is a great stratetgy. The only problem is, sometimes it takes many months to get any traffic. And significant traffic (more than 500 visitors per day) doesn't usually come for years, especially in a profitable niche.

But getting traffic doesn't have to take that long. In fact you can get a traffic jump start within days... sometimes within hours.

If you have a product to sell, with a decent margin, then why not buy some traffic and start making some money right away... doing Pay Per Click.

I know. It's not really the Site Build It! way. But this method does work and will make you money quickly if you have a product to sell with enough profit to invest in some advertising.

For example...

Let's say your net profit was $50 on a $100 product. If you could make a sale and it cost you $25 to make that $50, wouldn't it be worth it? Especially if your sales process was completely automated and you didn't have to do anything to make that final net profit of $25.

So what you are actually doing is spending $25 to make $50... netting $25.

Got it? That's how Pay Per Click can work if you do it right.

Doing Pay Per Click For A Traffic Jump Start

Pay Per Click programs, like Google AdWords, are unquestionably the fastest way to get traffic to your site and start making money. Every top online marketer I know uses pay per click to promote products at least part of the time.

The only problem with PPC is it requires a good understanding of how keywords work and the willingness to spend some money to learn the system. This is definitely not a strategy for beginners to online marketing.

You'll also have to pay close attention to your campaigns to make sure they are making money and you're not wasting money on bad-performing ads and keywords. But luckily Google gives you all the tools to do just that.

I'd also go out and get a good book about AdWords so you can learn the ins-and-outs from someone who's been there and done that. My favorite is a book called AdWords For Dummiesby Howie Jacobson.

Now don't put it down just because it's a "Dummies" book. This is first class AdWords instruction done in a simple and humorous way. This really is an excellent book.

And Howie Jacobson is a partner of Perry Marshall who wrote the excellent e-Book The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords, which really was the early bible for all of today's successful PPC marketers. Howie has learned from the best.

Advantages of Doing A PPC Campaign

One of the problems with bringing generic traffic to a site using C-T-P-M is it's hard to know if your visitors really want to buy what you've got to sell. Sure they may care about your niche, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have any "buying intention."

The beauty of Pay Per Click is you can find out exactly which keywords and ads convert the best. Within a short time you'll know what keywords really attract targeted and ready-to-buy traffic — and which ones don't. When your are spending money on each click, you are very motivated to know what works.

And with an AdWords feature called Conversion Tracking you can get this information very accurately. Conversion Tracking let's you put code on your confirmation page so that any clicks from your Google AdWords ads will be tracked from that click in Google all the way to your shopping cart or confirmation page. Sure beats guessing and hoping that the keyword or ad will make you money.

Monetization Test

In fact, I highly recommend doing a 30-day Google AdWords test on your site before you make a long term committment building out a site. You may end up wasting hundreds of hours on a niche that has no buying intention. No point in climbing a 20,000 foot mountain if there's no "pot of gold" at the top.

You can do this in about 30 days by adding what you believe is a good affiliate product to your site and sending some traffic to it. If you don't make some sales in 30 days (and a few hundred clicks) then you'll know you found a dead-beat niche. Just be sure you know for sure the product is a good one and being sold successfully by other affiliates before you add it to your site.

Who knows, you might even break even on your AdWords campaign and may even make a little money. And you'll definitely get a crash course in how to sell online.

> More about that Monetization Test here.

Contact me if you'd like to learn more about a PPC test, or if you are a local marketer, check out my site on local online marketing.

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