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What Is WordPress?

If you're an SBIer I bet you might be a little confused, or frustrated, by SiteSell's new support for WordPress.

WordpressYou might be even a little angry.

You might even be thinking "why would Ken Evoy join the enemy?" After all, he's been putting down WordPress blogging for years now.

And if you're new to SBI, and just bought a Site Build It subscription, you might even be thinking you made the wrong decision. After all, there's a whole lot of buzz about Wordpress everywhere you turn. Is it really better than SBI for building an online business.

Confusion About Wordpress

I think many people don't understand what Wordpress is. And if you try and compare it to Site Build It, you will get even more confused. Because the comparison is "Apples to Oranges."

Wordpress is a Content Management System or CMS.

What's that?

It's just software that helps you build a website. You build that site online via your browser, much like you build pages for SBI using the Blockbuilder tool. Yes Blockbuilder is a CMS too.

But Site Build It is far more than just a CMS. It's a system for building an online business. It's guidance, and tools, and a community, and someone to contact when things get confusing or go wrong. And yes, it has a CMS to help you build your website. Blockbuilder is one of the tools included with SBI.

Wordpress doesn't include any of that help or extra tools. You just use Wordpress like you would use Blockbuilder... as the tool/software you use to do the actual site building.

What if you want that help and guidance? That's where bizXpress comes in. More about that later.

So Why The Big Buzz Around Wordpress?

Well, it's because Wordpress is a really good CMS.

And there are many others out there. There's Joomla, and Drupal, and all the many "site builders" you can find online from Wix, or Squarespace, or GoDaddy, or many, many others.

Yes Wordpress is one of the good guys. It works very well and it's constantly being updated and improved.

Who does that?

Well, volunteers really. You see, Wordpress is Open Source. That means developers work on it for free. And yes Wordpress is free software. versus

OK here's one of the confusing parts. There are really two versions of Wordpress. There's a hosted version that is controlled by a company called Automattic. This is You can build blogs on their "platform" but they own the content and you will have limited ability to change things under the hood. Basically, they have control of your website and your business. This is not the way to go (even though it's free).

With, they give you the software to install yourself on your own hosting account. You control pretty much everything about the site (of course limited to the capabilities of the software). In fact, all that they do is give you the software to install and then you are on your own.

What if you have a problem?

Well that's pretty much up to you to solve. You and the hosting company you are using. That's the price you pay for complete control.

But problems are rare. Yes they do happen, but generally they can be fixed.

The bottom line... for what you are getting, it's really worth the risk for anything that can go wrong. After all, software is software, and nothing is perfect, even Blockbuilder. Wordpress is very powerful and a joy to use. I've been making a living from computers since 1985. It's some of the best software I've used. I really do like it.

How Does Wordpress Work?

Again, Wordpress is software that gives you tools to build websites. You install this software into your hosting account into the folder that makes up your domain name. Most hosts have easy installation tools where you can have an installation done in a matter of minutes.

This installation includes the basic tools needed to build your website via a Dashboard that is intuitive and logical. The installation includes some template designs, or themes as Wordpress calls them, that are simple and not bad out of the box. You can also add additional free themes from with a few clicks. There's a selection of thousands of free themes available there.

If you want to buy what they call premium themes from an outside vendor, you can do that if you wish. You'll just need to learn how to upload them to your site. That's very easy too. Premium themes usually cost less than $100 each.

Wordpress also let's you install what are called plugins to enhance certain funtionality. These are free too. This functionality includes things like SEO additions, Google Analytics installs, Social Media buttons, and shopping carts. There are thousands of other little plugin tools you can add the enrich the capabilities of your Wordpress site. You can also buy premium plugins if you wish as well.

Creating Pages/and Posts

One of the things people get confused about Wordpress, is the idea that it's just a blog. In other words, the only type of content you can add is blog posts.

Wordpress is far more than just a blog. It can build any type of website including standard pages as well as blog posts. In fact, to me that's one of it's main strong points.

When you build content for a website there really are lots of types of content you'll want to create. Some content will be evergreen and be useful forever. And some content will be more topical and have a shorter shelf-life. This is like the difference between a book and a newspaper.

Wordpress lets you add both and divide your content into each type. You can have evergreen content with navigation that lets you easily find that content. And your blog section can have all that topical content divided into categories of information. Here's one of my Wordpress sites that shows how it is done.

Wordpress has a rich architecture that lets you add text, images, and videos pretty easily. Text is added either through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface, like working in Microsoft Word (but easier), or via a raw text/code tab where you can work in HTML. So as your HTML skills get better you can work either way, or both as I do.

My workflow is to write content in a text editor, convert it into HTML there, and then paste it into Wordpress' text editor. I then touch up content using the WYSIWYG interface. It's the best of all worlds for me and lets me work very quickly. Your workflow may be entirely different. That's all up to you.

Adding Images

The workflow for adding images is just as easy. I prep my images in Photoshop and then it's very easy to just place my images into my WYSIWYG page. It adds them to my image library at the same time and those images are easy to add to other pages when needed. I can also scale, crop or even enhance images right there in Wordpress.

Adding Videos

These days a website that's not using videos is missing out on a powerful way to connect with your visitors. So having, a simple workflow for adding videos is critical to success. Now there are plugins you can add that make adding YouTube videos pretty simple. But I prefer just taking the embed code from YouTube and pasting it into the text/coding interface of Wordpress. That's what works best for me and I can do it very quickly. You can see how I use videos on my Blues Guitar Insider site.

Adding Content To Wordpress

So What Makes Wordpress So Great?

I've been building websites since about 1999. I've used all kinds of tools to build them, including Dreamweaver, Blockbuilder 1 and 2, Joomla, Kompozer, and several others.

I'm proficient in HTML coding and CSS. I used to use Dreamweaver to build all my sites. I've always been an HTML uploader when it came to my SBI sites. I've also been a graphic designer for over 20 years. For the last 4 years I only use Wordpress to build all my sites. I have over 20 sites that I've built using it.

Why? Three reasons really...

1. I can build sites more quickly than in any other tool.

2. I can add advanced functionality that is really beyond my coding skills.

3. I can make my site look really good and change the design quickly and easily if I want.

Bottom line... It makes my business' run more smoothly... and better. I can't be wasting time trouble-shooting problems, or trying to figure out how to do some fancy stuff I know I need. I need to focus on creating content and promoting my site. Wordpress gives me more time to do both.

Is it perfect?

No it's not perfect. Like any software it can have bugs. And yes because so many 3rd parties are involved with creating code for plugins and themes, there can be some code clashes. But generally, if you are conservative with your addons, you won't have too much of a problem.

So What About bizXpress?

The only problem with Wordpress for a new user, is you don't really understand the big picture of how to turn that website into a real online business. That's where bizXpress comes in.

BizXpress will give you all the Site Build It hand holding and guidance required to turn a WP website into something that can make money. It will even help you with picking themes and plugins for your Wordpress site.

More below...


What bizXpress Includes

You can learn more about bizXpress here on the SiteSell page about it, but if you'd like to hear my honest take, here it is.

You may have heard the quote...

Wisdom is knowing what to do.

Skill is knowing how to do it.

Virtue is actually doing it.

The problem with WordPress is there is no instruction on what to do or how to do it. SiteSell's bizXpress gives you that in spades.

Of course the virtue is still up to you.

Here's what bizXpress includes...

1. The Action Guide

The SBI Action Guide is really the heart of what makes Site Build It special. The step-by-step guidance in the Action Guide is critical for knowing exactly what has to be done to succeed. Yes... the what to do from above!

And as you may already know if you are a Site Build It customer, it takes more than "build it and they will come" to have a successful website. You have to do the research and find good keywords and, more importantly, a good market with a problem, before you can expect to make money.

You also must know how to build your pages correctly, with good on-page optimization, before the search engines will rank you highly. Most WordPress beginners never get this critical information.

And still the site-building process for the Action Guide is C-T-P-M... creating great Content leads to Traffic. And Preselling that traffic let's you Monetize and have an online business that actually makes money. That's what the Action Guide teaches you every step of the way.

The Action Guide will get your business launched in the right direction. It it comes in both text and video format for what ever learning style you prefer.

2. Brainstorm It

If you don't thoroughly understand the market niche you want to go into then you probably will fail. You need to know as much as possible about the keyword phrases people are using to solve their problem and you also need to thorougly understand the competition too. Brainstorm It is the biXpress module that will help you understand your market.

Again, this is not something that you get with WordPress, you have to figure it out yourself. So bizXpress includes Brainstorm It as part of the plugin. You'll use it to build your site on a solid foundation.

Here's a video that shows how Brainstorm It works with bixXpress.

3. Business Research and Tip

Also included with bizXpress is access to SiteSell's complete library of business building tools and tips. This includes...

4. Guidance & Support

If you need help along the way the bizXpress Guidance & Support page has what you need. You'll find online FAQ's, the Forums, Consulting, Coaching and of course Support!

You can contact the SiteSell support team 24/7 and get assistance.

So if you are ready to build another site and would prefer to use the state-of-the art WordPress platform, bizXpress might be the tool for you. If you've got a WordPress site and you'd like to try it for free you can earn more about it here.


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